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We started this site because so many sites have reviews but 90% are not what we expected. The sites now a days, pay for reviews and tons of people are making reviews that are so off base because they want to get paid for it. We have tried a lot of products and many are still buying stuff today. We are focused on what the products are and giving a real review. Telling our stores and sharing our opinions.

We shop online all the time, but do you get products you thought were one thing and turns out that they are not what you expected? There are tons of products that exactly what we expected. So we want to share our experience. Good or bad, we share it all.

Our team is made with regular people that have bought products online. We are adding more people who want to really help others get what they want. From websites like etsy, wish, amazon, and many other sites. We will list the products we bought so you know if it's good or bad. All we want to do is help people avoid buying bad iteams and get exactly what they wanted.

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